The reliability of the EDM 790 is not just any tall claim by manufacturers J.P. Instruments. Tests prove beyond a shred of doubt that the Engine Data Management 790 system is truly the most reliable and advanced twin piston engine-monitoring instrument on the market. And, backing the reliability claim is the TSO certificate for quality.

Beyond all doubts, the EDM 790 can be counted as the best EDM for 4 or 6-cylinder aircraft engine that money can buy (incudes transducers).

EDM 790 tracks 29 critical parameters of the aircraft engine

Utilizing the latest microprocessor technology, the EDM 790 can monitor 29 critical parameters of the 4 or 6-cylinder aircraft engine and it does so 4 times a second! The sensors attached to the EDM 740 and also manufactured by J.P. Instruments, boasts of a linearized thermocouple accuracy of better than 0.1 percent or 2 F° – as tested and verified by the FAA.

The EDM 790 never sleeps

From the moment the pilot switches on the engine and throughout the flight, the EDM 790 will constantly monitor 29 critical parameters that are automatically checked 4 times every second. No matter which page of the display the pilot might be looking at, the EDM 790 will keep running checks on all 29 parameters in the background.

Sensor accuracy

Working alongside the EDM 790 are the all new linearized thermocouples. There is nothing in the aviation market that compares to the linearized accuracy of 0.1 percent or 2 F° – as tested and verified by the FAA.

Programming Simplicity

The EDM 790 incorporates two buttons on the faceplate. All programming can be achieved via these two buttons. With the EDM 790 it is now possible to have substantially more diagnostic information available for your maintenance crew. Leaning is accomplished automatically using the LeanFind™ procedure.

Here are the Advantage of EDM 790

1. Capability to run computer assisted diagnostics from the cockpit. On detecting any error, the EDM will display a specific code.
2. Easy-to-use 2-button faceplate programming.
3. 29 critical parameters checked 4 times a second and this includes the Aircraft Fuel Flow indicator and Shock Cooling, EGT Differential and Alternator Voltage.
4. Displays variable Scaling of EGT as a Bar Graph.
5. It’s amazing PeakFind™ with quick responding probes, automatically captures the EGT or TIT peak value while the LeanFind™ Mode identifies the first and last cylinder to peak.
6. Data Port for convenience of downloading of data.
7. It includes a complete fuel flow system. The EDM 790 is the only FAA approved graphic engine monitor in this class.
8. Unmatched accuracy – temperature detection accuracy is ONE degree (even for EGT).
9. This EDM is paired with JPI’s “grounded” fast response probes.
10. Every cylinder is covered – there’s cooling rate and shock cooling checked on each and every cylinder.
11. This Engine Data Monitor features a “Normalize Mode” for accurate trend monitoring.
12. Automated alphanumeric scanning display of 29 functions or channels.
13. Tested and carries a TSO certificate for Quality and Reliability with FAA, STC approved Fuel Flow.
14. Three-year warranty.

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