B2B Expo 2020 is Australia’s biggest business-to-business expo organized for small and medium businesses. The event focuses on the connection, engagement, and growth of the visitors by getting them ready for the increased market competition, changing market demands, and technological changes.

Small and medium enterprises can leverage the power of the right tools, technology, innovation and creativity to beat out the competition. “Online businesses must attend these types of expos in order to keep themselves updated with the market and create valuable connections,” says Marketing Head Arun Venkataraman of Altius Technologies.

At any point, businesses may tend to fall short of knowledge, ideas, and innovation. To help such SMEs, B2B expo offers a platform wherein visitors can discuss, debate, and engage in valuable knowledge exchange.

B2B Expo 2020 invites entrepreneurs, industry leaders, and experts from SME sector showcase the latest tools, products, and services to encourage new business opportunities across all industry sectors. Visitors can catch up on the latest SME trends and tech. B2B also rewards young entrepreneurs and new talents in the industry. This is to encourage innovation and creativity.

“Altius Technologies relates with the expo and looks forward to meeting our existing customers and new ones at the event,” says Business Head Ishwarya Sevugan of Altius Technologies. Altius Technologies is a digitally integrated services provider and offers customizable B2B eCommerce solutions to their customers with tools like Product Information Management (PIM) services, Product Data Management, Product Catalog Management, and more.

The 2-day expo is powered with more than 60 speakers and 100 exhibitions on the latest products and services like eCommerce, digital disruption, small business challenges, social media, and more. The expo is filled with free seminar sessions with topics critical for businesses to grow. We hope to meet you there and exchange valuable conversations related to business and eCommerce, trends and solutions.

Show Details
B2B Expo
Date: 18 & 19 March 2020
Venue: Marvel Stadium, Docklands, Melbourne
Official Website: https://b2bexpo.com.au/