Is your script ready? Are you ready? Is it time to finally let your writing be shown to others?

Everyone has a story to tell and your screenplay can win $10,000 and be promoted for a year! The 22nd Annual Scriptapalooza Screenplay Competition is accepting screenplays.

Since all the judging is done, without knowing any details about the writer, it truly levels the playing field. There are over 90 judges (producers, managers and literary agents) who read your script and don’t know if you are a wine grower in France, a stay at home mom, or a hot shot film student from NYU. Many winners, not just the top 13, have had their scripts optioned, or secured literary representation, and even had movies made because the connections they formed through the competition. As a matter of fact, landing anywhere in the top 100 will get your script promoted for a full year.

Scriptapalooza has always been about creating opportunities for the writer since 1998. Feature length, shorts, drama, comedy, or something in between. We have a category that fits your script. Is 2020 your year?

About Scriptapalooza, Inc.
The Scriptapalooza Screenplay Competition was founded in 1998. Divisions include Scriptapalooza TV, Scriptapalooza Coverage Service and the Scriptapalooza Fellowship. For more information, please visit