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Bengaluru, 20th January 2020: As the energies rise to celebrate Republic Day, the students at Vogue Institute of Art & Design focus on stimulating a sustainable nation, a nation of togetherness; a nation that grows its economy without depleting its natural resources. As a mark to elevate a sustainable nation, the students and faculty at Vogue Institute of Art & Design will be planting 29 saplings at the campus. The saplings will represent each state of our country and will be nurtured by the institute.
The students will engage in splash painting to express their creative thoughts for sustainable India through portraits. Celebrating the rich culture of our country, the students will also take part in a fashion show. The drapes will be styled in an unconventional manner portraying the students’ views on sustainability.

Date: 24th January
Venue: Vogue Institute of Art & Design, KIADB Apparel Park Phase II, Bengaluru
Time: 10:00 am onwards