All Mix Kent is a supplier of on-site ready mixed concrete for commercial and domestic projects throughout Kent. Their volumetric concrete mixers deliver high-quality concrete mixed to the customer’s specifications.

[London, 21/01/2020] – Concrete plays a role in most infrastructure projects in the United Kingdom. It is used for a wide variety of applications, including housing and paving.

Because it is a heavy and thick liquid, concrete is must be mixed and applied with precision to avoid delays and damage to a project. The amount of concrete needed must also be carefully considered to stay within the project’s timeline and budget.

Concrete for a Variety of Applications

All Mix Kent helps trade and domestic customers in Kent get the exact amount of concrete and mix for their needs. Their volumetric lorries provide customers with the right amount of concrete and mix for their project.

The company supplies ready mixed concrete for a variety of projects, such as:

• Building foundations
• New build houses
• Void filling
• Concrete patios
• Garden walls
• Home extensions

No Waste, No Mess

The company’s team carries concrete already mixed, with the specifications and slumps determined at the plant. Customers specify the mix and amount they need with the help of an online calculator, and they will receive a competitive price and a confirmed delivery date. This reduces second-guessing, which makes for more cost- and time-effective projections.

Reliable Advice from the Team

Clients who are uncertain about the right mix for their project can consult All Mix Kent for their requirements. The company’s experienced team offers advice on the right mix and strengths of concrete for a particular application or project.

About All Mix Kent

All Mix Kent Ltd supplies on-site ready mixed concrete to commercial and domestic customers throughout Kent. The company takes pride in working with their customer to ensure that the delivery is accurate and on time.

For more information about their services, visit or call 01622 853718.