October 31, 2019: LSoft Technologies, one of the world’s industry leaders in disk utilities, is proud to announce the release of an all new edition of its flagship software. Active@ LiveCD 7 features the latest versions of KillDisk, UNDELETE, Partition Recovery, and Password Changer. The operating system, which allows it to function independently of your regular operating system, has also been tweaked and improved with an overhauled boot disk creator. Whether your goal is to recover deleted data or securely erase it before selling or donating your computer, Active@ LiveCD has you covered with its user-friendly and fully-featured software suite.

How does data recovery work?

When you empty the recycle bin or format a storage volume, it’s typically assumed that the step is final. After all, most operating systems warn you by default that your data will be gone for good if you go ahead. But that isn’t exactly true. What really happens is that the deleted files, folders, or storage volumes are simply removed from the master file table (MFT), a huge database containing the entire structure of the storage device. The actual contents of the file itself, however, isn’t actually modified, but it does become available for any new data. Eventually, a new file creation or relocation can overwrite the data to the point it becomes impossible to recover. That’s why you should always at quickly, and Active@ KillDisk and Active@ Partition Recovery can help you exploit that opportunity.

On the other hand, if your goal is to securely delete data so that it can never be recovered, such as if you’re selling or donating a computer with sensitive information stored on it, you can do that as well. Active@ LiveCD also comes with Active@ KillDisk 12, which meticulously overwrites the disk with zeros according to 23 internationally recognized security standards.

Get started today by downloading Active@ LiveCD for Windows or Linux at http://www.livecd.com/ .