October 18, 2019: LSoft Technologies is proud to announce the launch of an all-new edition of its industry leading suite of disk utilities. Active@ Data Studio 15 features up to date versions of all the main applications in a new self-contained operating environment based on the trimmed-down version of Windows 10.

Recover data

Active@ Data Studio 15 includes Active@ File Recovery 19, Active@ UNDELETE, and Active@ Partition Recovery to provide a full range of options for those wanting to recover data from deleted partitions or get back files they’ve lost due to formatting a drive or emptying the recycle bin. Together, these advanced computer forensics tools exploit the opportunity that exists when you delete a file until the original data gets permanently overwritten. It provides the best chances possible of getting back what you’ve lost, and it’s easy to use thanks to support for hundreds of different file types on numerous file systems.

Back up data

Naturally, it’s always better to have a complete backup of your data to ensure it’s always safe in the event of a disaster. That’s why Active@ Disk Image 9.5 has been included for creating a complete snapshot of any digital storage device. Not only is this great for backing up data and ensuring that nothing gets forgotten about – it’s also useful when you’re moving to a new computer or hard drive and don’t want to reinstall everything manually from scratch.

Secure erasure

Perhaps your goal is to securely erase sensitive data so that it may never be recovered. The best way to do that is to overwrite the entire storage device with zeros, preferably in multiple passes. The included Active@ KillDisk 12 does exactly that, meeting no less than 23 globally recognized security standards in the process.

Try out Active@ Data Studio 15 today at http://lsoft.net/data-studio.aspx and see for yourself.