“Every human is an artist. The dream of your life is to make beautiful art.”
–Don Miguel Ruiz

Back in October, Creality 3D (https://creality.com/art/reseller-program-23.html) has announced an exclusive sponsorship with a Spain-based company Twin Force on their special project THEA, that strives to make art, especially pictorial art, accessible to the blind with 3D printing technology. Up until now, Twin Force has completed some 3D-printed art masterpieces with the latest CR-10 V2 (https://www.creality.com/creality-3d-cr-10-v2-3d-printer-p00268p1.html) 3d printer exclusively sponsored by Creality 3D.

Twin Force, established by twin brothers Cristobal and Åke Mora Temnerud, was created with the objective of working with the latest technological advances in different sectors, giving them a social, useful and responsible application. Among their current projects, THEA is dedicated to bringing the blind an opportunity to experience and enjoy pictorial works of art or monumental sculptures or architectural wonders. As soon as the call of 3D printers was noticed in November, Creality 3D successfully developed the sponsorship with Twin Force, aiming to help more people enjoy and appreciate the beauty of art.

“Vision is a privilege as pictorial art has traditionally been inaccessible to the blind. The art world is full of wonderful masterpieces that they have never been able to enjoy. Thanks to new technologies like 3D printing, our project eliminates the barriers that hinder this. THEA shall be a portal for the blind to access into the art world. We are really glad that Creality 3D can join us, contribute to the financing of our project” said Åke Mora.

The artworks come into reality via a whole process of 3D scanning, 3D printing, mold creation and finally reproduction and presentation in the gallery, thus making 3D printer (https://creality.com/c/3d-printer_0005) an essential part of this project.

First, expert 3D artists model the work from the reference of the original work, supervised by experienced graduates in fine arts. Next, 3D models are printed with latest-generation printers at the required scale. Then, a protomold is created with which a first prototype is polished and used to create the final mold. Finally, a definitive reproduction is created and prepared for presentation in the most appropriate medium.

CR-10 V2, a newly upgraded version of the popular consumer 3D printer CR-10, has been put into use for making 3D art models for the THEA project during the last whole month. Thanks to the large build volume and reliable printing performance, the team now is capable of creating large projects with exacting final print quality, which is quite helpful to accelerate their art creation process.

It is believed that the THEA project will bring the light of art to more and more people not only in Spain but also to people living in the regions where the exhibition does not reach. Toni, one of the beneficiaries in this project, said “I suffer from diabetic retinopathy and I am completely blind. I lost my eyesight at the age of 44. I had touched the painting but it was nothing like what you have shown to us here today. I really enjoyed touching that painting, almost a sculpture. If you love art, it is a fantastic way to touch it. Touching something you have already seen before and been able to see it again through touch, I think it would light up my face. It opens you to amazing sensations and feelings.”

As one of the most cutting-edge technology, 3D printing is always making big differences in various sectors. For Creality 3D, it is the first time to extend the charity plan into art creation, promoting to make art illuminate in the darkness. It is such a meaningful deed that will continue happening in the future. As the 3D printing industry evangelist, Creality 3D is dedicated to making all people enjoying the convenience of 3D printing technology.

Source: Creality3D (https://www.creality.com/)