A variety of analysis tools, more productivity, efficiency, flexible working and the highest quality: With ViCON, Rehm Thermal Systems has designed and created software that meets all the requirements of modern, networked, and above all, future-orientated electronics manufacturing. Alongside the use of touch operating elements and gestures, the new organisation of menu options and control panels, the core feature of ViCON software”s development lies in the option of accessing the software from a variety of devices. Following the reflow convection soldering systems of the Vision series, Rehm was presenting the ProtectoXP and ProtectoXC dispensing systems with the ViCON system software at productronica.

Following the successful introduction of ViCON for Rehm”s reflow convection soldering systems, the software has now been specially adapted to the requirements of the ProtectoXP and ProtectoXC dispensing systems. The main feature of ViCON Protecto is the option of importing ECAD data and image files directly and optimising eCAD data for the coating process by cutting. The integrated camera also enables stitching: A complete image of the printed circuit board can be created and further processed from several individual images. While the program is being created, the user is supported by a wizard that shows the user all current progress by means of colour-coded pointers, and thus easily facilitates usability.

After selecting an applicator, users can access a coating database via ViCON Protecto that has been filled by the application specialists of Rehm Thermal Systems and contains all the important coatings with their parameters. ViCON Protecto enables programs to be created offline, which can be used simultaneously with the current production process. With the camera integrated into the Protecto coating systems, ViCON software can be used to read both fiducials as well as (data matrix) codes (DMC).

The objective of ViCON Protecto is to configure the system”s current operating status clearly. The operator can react quickly and intuitively to status and alarm messages. At the same time, access rights, views and favourites are tailored to each user. The specifications of ViCON Protecto are based on the basic elements of ViCON, which have already performed impressively in the convection soldering systems of the Vision series. Thanks to colour coding, the operator can also easily identify and assign the status of the display from a greater distance. ViCON software is also consistently designed to accommodate multiple languages. The simplicity with which you can switch “on the fly” to the preferred language simplifies worldwide remote access to other Rehm systems and operating in an international environment. Alarm messages can be clearly viewed, interpreted, edited and processed at the top of the screen – the relevance of the alarms is displayed in different colours. A 3D function allows a simple view of the assembly. To control the system individually, the operator can create a favourites bar, that includes relevant and necessary parameters and control elements. These then appear on the main screen and at a definite point on each page.