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In cooperation with the Bureau of Foreign Trade (BOFT) of the Taiwanese Ministry of Economics and the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA), healthcare companies expand their presence on the EU market. Today at MEDICA, 20 companies present impressive innovations. World-class manufacturers showcase tomorrow”s medical solutions based on Taiwanese advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality (AR/VR), 5G and Robotics.

Since the initial focus on innovative manufacturing, in-house ICT technologies have increased the efficiency and quality of production. Today, Taiwan has become the market leader with its concept of “Asian Silicon Valley”. The government wants to further strengthen Taiwan”s key position by independently developing medical products that meet the high demands of international markets at attractive conditions. Taiwanese companies, for example, are working on their own hardware and software for intelligent operating theaters, CI-supported clinical diagnostics and robotic physiotherapy. The future of healthcare relies on Big Data and its collection, transmission and evaluation. The development and implementation of 5G networks now enables the immediate transfer of large image and monitoring data sets to specialists at remote locations. This reduces the amount of travel required for patient care. The AI supports and sometimes completely confirms the rudimentary and expensive data evaluation tasks that are an increasingly important part of the diagnostic process. The enormous potential of AR/VR offers advantages in the training of medical staff, the performance of complicated operations and the treatment of mental disorders. Robotics, once operated exclusively by Taiwan”s leading manufacturers, is used for the benefit of patients and caregivers.

Double-digit export growth rates of 10.73 percent in 2018 underline the important role and prove the success of medical technology “Made in Taiwan”. Taiwan has successfully completed its transformation from a manufacturing industry to a leading developer of digital solutions and applications to drive the positive development of medical treatments. Even though Taiwanese technologies are already being used globally in everyday life and are already playing a key role in European healthcare systems, the Taiwan Excellence stand offers every visitor the opportunity to explore tomorrow”s technologies, interact with innovation leaders and learn about the direction of current developments.

Take advantage of this unique environment at today”s MEDICA to experience these leaps in 5G, AI, VR/AR and robotics. MEDICA is a first-class opportunity for Taiwanese companies to build relationships and nurture them throughout the year. Representatives of the innovative companies involved welcome the opportunity to get to know each other, exchange ideas and present their progress in Hall 17, Stand A40. A press conference tomorrow, Tuesday, 19 November, at 10:00 am in Hall 8b, room 814A will offer all interested parties detailed information on current developments, presented in a collegial environment for opinion leaders.