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1) What is TimeStatement?

TimeStatement is a platform-agnostic time management solution that reduces your administrative burden. With this software, you can say goodbye to doing time tracking tasks using spreadsheets. Its user-friendly and clean interface also makes it more inviting to use.

To further assist you, TimeStatement includes professional invoicing capabilities. Utilizing this module is seamless because of its automatic invoice generation. It can adapt to your invoice layout as well so you do not have to make drastic changes.

Moreover, TimeStatement offers stringent security. The entire application has SSL encryption, thus, you can rest assured that every piece of data you enter in the system is safe.

2) Overview of TimeStatement Benefits

2.1) Less Administrative Costs
With TimeStatement, you can save on both time and money. Since its user-interface allows you to track time easily, it eliminates the need to log times manually on your spreadsheets. It calculates total billable hours automatically so you can proceed to your invoicing process quickly.

2.2) Billable Rates Customization
Each business has its own way of doing things, especially when it comes to billable hours. That is why TimeStatement adopts to your billing needs. You can define your rates and let the solution do the rest.

2.3) Professional Invoices
When it is time to ask your clients to pay, TimeStatement gives you professional invoices. Its invoice generator can adapt to your invoice layout and can be either in a PDF or Word file. If you opt for a Word invoice, you can edit it further.

Apart from your billable hours, TimeStatement also lets you add expenses incurred during the project”s undertaking. This way, you can produce invoices with all relevant information.

2.4) Budget-Friendly
If you are a solo entrepreneur or a start-up, TimeStatement is a perfect solution for your time tracking needs. Not only does it have an economical set of packages, but it also offers a free plan. The latter is especially beneficial if your needs are limited.

2.5) Security
TimeStatement is hosted in Switzerland, a territory with stringent data security regulations. Aside from that, the entire application is protected by SSL, which ensures that every piece of information is safe from attackers.

3) Overview of TimeStatement Features
– Time Tracking
– Project Management
– Client Management
– Team Management
– Billable Rates
– Invoicing
– Expense Tracking
– Reporting

4) What Problems Will TimeStatement Solve?

4.1) Suitable for Start-ups
TimeStatement is a great choice for companies that are just starting out. It already includes the necessary time tracking, invoicing, and expense management tools. Despite that, it has an economical pricing model.

4.2) Less Administration
With TimeStatement, you can reduce the costs and efforts related to administration in your company. There is no installation and there is no proprietary hardware. You can also access the solution from anywhere, ensuring that you can conduct business whenever and wherever you need.

4.3) New Technologies
TimeStatement is an innovative solution. It has forward-looking technologies that have earned it a place among Switzerland”s fintech start-up greats.

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