Giving anniversary gifts originated in Central Europe. Medieval Germans presented gifts to a wife after she had lived with her husband for twenty-five years or more. The gift was usually silver and symbolized harmony. If the couple made it to fifty years, they were given a wreath of gold. This is how silver and golden wedding anniversaries came about. The first anniversary gift is supposed to be paper or plastic, the second, cotton, etc. But in the early years, most don’t stick to the protocol. When the tenth anniversary arrives, people start taking tradition a little more seriously, and this continues for the twenty-fifth (silver anniversary) and fiftieth (golden).

In most cases, people by anniversary giftsdepending on what the couple may need. Some of the most popular anniversary gifts include jewelry and flowers. Candy, lingerie, clutch purse beauty products and travel are also popular.

There is a list that has been compiled that gives suggested gifts that go along with each anniversary year. For example, the 10th anniversary traditional gift is tin or aluminum, or the modern day gift is diamond. The 20th anniversary traditional gift is china or the modern gift is something made of platinum. For the 25th year celebration, silver is the traditional gift and sterling silver is a popular modern-day choice. Should a happy couple make it to 50 years, the traditional gift is gold, as is the modern-day version.

The list can help to make choosing a gift easier, but these days, anniversary gifts can be almost anything. The main thing is that you remembered the couple’s special day in some way. Sometimes, even a card will do.