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Australia, 2019: My Generator, a leading supplier of RV equipment and power generators, is sharing information about the best gadgets one can have on their camping site and how tech-camper is gaining popularity in Australia.

People plan camping on their weekend to unwind their heads and recharge themselves. They want all the home appliances and gadgets even when on a camping trip. They are not only bound to tents and campfires, but they also need the latest in technology where they can access, share and do things that they do in their homes.

As there is an increase in demand for campervans and caravans in Australia, it is very important to upgrade campervan into a tech-camper. My Generator always comes up with products that meet the latest technology trends and help customers to enjoy their life on holidays. They have been providing tech camping equipment for campers so that they can enjoy their trip to the fullest.

For any, technology-inclined campers, consider these high-tech camping appliances:

• The rooftop air conditioner with inverter technology significantly reduces the startup power requirements, which provides assistance to caravan holidaymakers not relying on mains power. These air conditioners are energy efficient than traditional caravan Air Con models with the same capacity of cooling and heating. Due to powerful dual cylinder compressor, these air conditioners do not make noise when the unit starts or changes speeds.

• Portable fridge freezers are the best solutions for all camping and vocational trips. It is also Wi-Fi enabled and can be easily monitored or controlled from a mobile or tablet. It also has an alarm system that notifies you about the inside temperature that prevents decomposing of food.

• Foldable solar blankets have solar capturing capability. From typical glass panels to solar panels, it is an improvement in terms of portability and space. It is light in weight with a compact design that can easily be kept in your camper. It has the capability of running a fridge directly from the panel without the need for a battery. It is also weather-resistant and used by US military officials.

My Generator is helping people to convert campervan holidays into a tech-camper experience, by offering the latest technology developments in camping products, including in demand items like the ‘Waeco CFX-95 – a 95 litre portable fridge freezer’, ‘Engel Foldable solar blanket range’ and ‘Dometic Ibis MK4 Reverse Cycle Roof Top Air Conditioner’.

If you are also a tech-savvy and wants to improve your camping experience, visit My Generator, one-stop-shop for all camping solutions.