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SKEM have 35 years of experience in Hydraulic Presses manufacturing in South Korea. We have invested in innovative technology with Japan and also apply recently-developed technologies. We deliver the most reasonable and economical equipment systems to improve our corporate competitiveness as well as create value.
SKEM one of the leading metal forming press manufacturer in Korea offers various hydraulic presses like Crawler press, JCO pipe forming line, LSAW press, Tee press, Elbow press and so on.

Hot molding & Rubber sheet molding press
Hot molding & Rubber sheet molding press is commonly applied in automotive industry and other industries and doing the various trimming works of each process. This press is used for manufacturing of plastic parts. Dashboard – automotive interior material and rubber sheet, etc. Especially 2 – 8 station or multi station molds are applied for the production of two or more kinds of products at the same time, which is increases the productivity.
Manufacturing range: 100~8,000 Ton
Thermoforming & Foaming hydraulic press is using manufacturing technology & process to put air in the plastic product and so this press has features such as lighter weight, improvement in heat & electric insulation, noise proof, dust prevent, shock absorbing improvement, etc. This press is widely used for manufacturing EVA Mid sole of shoes, etc.
Manufacturing range: 100~5,000 Ton

4,100 Ton Rubber Sheet Molding Press
Structure & Features
1. Used in continuous and stable production of rubber sheets with a large heat plate that is free of temperature deviation.
2. Use of a large heat plate (2300*6000) enables production of laminated rubber sheet. A cross travel device is fitted to enable continuous process. Tee Elbow Manufacturing press

Automotive Parts Trimming Press
An equipment that allows the worker to consecutively trim soundproofing materials in and beneath the automobile and the press attached while the table moves left and right by using the high-frequency interior products such as door trim and head lining for automobile. It is automatically trimmed by connecting the front and rear conveyors.

Structure & Features
Used for trimming internal parts (such as door trim and head linings for automobile). When linked with automated device in production line, continuous production is enabled. JCO pipe forming line