· 2-month-old child was born with a serious heart ailment & weighed only 2.9 kg.
· A baby with congenital heart disease & his complex surgery successfully operated at Jupiter Hospital
· “Patient first” is not only a tag line for Jupiter Hospital but a philosophy that the hospital and its employees live by.
Sarthak a 2-month-old child, from Indapur, was born with a serious heart condition called Total anomalous pulmonary venous connection. Since his birth, his parents had to run from pillar to post for his treatment. Sarthak was a blue baby, who had very poor weight gain and could not even feed properly and had to struggle to breathe due to his serious heart ailment. He weighed only 2.9 kg at 2 months of age
It was morning 2nd August 2019 when he underwent a surgical repair of TAPVC in Jupiter Hospital on by the dedicated Pediatric cardiac team of doctors which included Dr. Abhijeet Naik, the pediatric cardiac surgeon, Dr. Rahul Saraf, pediatric Cardiologist and with the aid of Dr. Srinivas Tambe, Paediatric Cardiac Intensivist.
On postoperative day 2, on 4th August, calamity stuck Jupiter hospital, at Baner with the heavy rains causing a flood-like situation with the hospital having to evacuate the patients as an extreme measure. Along with other 103 patients, Sarthak had to be evacuated to a neighboring hospital for support. It was no mean feat to evacuate Sarthak, all with his open chest, ventilator support and a myriad of drains and tubes sticking out of his tiny body and also with a battery of pumps pushing life-supporting medications in him.
The team of Doctors from Jupiter closed the sternum of Sarthak in the ICU of the neighboring hospital after 24 hours and it was decided to shift Sarthak for better quality care to Jupiter hospital At Thane, a unit of Jupiter Lifeline hospitals in Mumbai. This was because the situation at Jupiter Hospital at Baner, Pune was still serious. So, Sarthak began another arduous Journey in his tiny little life with the Doctors at Jupiter hospital Baner, Pune and those from Thane co-operating extensively and selflessly to save this little bundle of joy. After dedicated efforts, Baby Sarthak was back at Jupiter Hospital, Pune with his parents and was discharged and he is now ready to face any challenges in this world.
Dr. Srinivas Tambe, pediatric Cardiac Intensivist said “The surgery was quite serious and he needed all his blood drained out from his body for the repair. (Hypothermic total circulatory arrest). He was shifted to the dedicated pediatric cardiac ICU with his chest open on account of the complex surgery. It was very difficult for doctors & baby also. ”
It needs to be noted that during all this treatment and care and multiple transfers, The management at Jupiter Hospital, Baner, Pune and that at Jupiter Hospital, Thane, not only treated Sarthak but also took care of his parents’ stay and meals, free of cost. This proved that “Patient first “is not only a tag line for Jupiter Hospital but a philosophy that the hospital and its employees live by.
Dr. Abhijeet Naik, the pediatric cardiac surgeon said “He was shown at Jupiter Hospital, Pune and was offered surgical care. The family was from a very poor economic background and could not afford the costly care. Hence Jupiter hospital with the aid of its supporting NGOs like Have a heart foundation and Jupiter foundation decided to support this kid for his chance to live”
Somnath Karande, the father of Sarthak Karande, said that he was very thankful and grateful to the doctors and management of Jupiter Hospital for treating their baby and also for taking care of not only their child but also his and his Wife during the care of their child.