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Apart from many outstanding Bollywood actors and actresses, Mumbai is also famous for facilitating with the world-class medical facilities. No matter which area or location you belong to the city – a quality healthcare facility is easily and quickly accessible for everyone. And, the most important thing is that anyone can access to these high-quality and affordably-priced healthcare facilities in just a few clicks. Even people with HIV can also obtain quality testing and treatment services online. It only requires answering a short questionnaire, and your HIV test in Mumbai is done.

HIV Testing Has Never Been Easier Before

The rapidly growing internet world has made things more accessible than before. Today anyone irrespective of his gender or location can book an appointment to get him/her tested for HIV without leaving his/her current location. It’s never been so easier before the advent of a beautifully-designed online reservation platform like Yes4Me, which can be used by anyone.
They maintain a large team of trained professionals who will guide you on how to make a reservation for your HIV and STD testing-related services.

Get All the HIV Services at Your Fingertips

From checking out the HIV test cost in Mumbai to reaching to a panel of HIV specialists who will guide on how to overcome the situation – you will find all the things at your fingertips. No hidden charges are available, and you will have to pay only for those things that you will avail of.

The primary job of this leading online reservation platform is to reach high risk and vulnerable population to make them aware of the benefits of regular HIV testing. They are also active in providing the needful assistance to those who already have HIV, but are looking forward to extend their lifespan.

Where the Idea Came From?

Funded by USAID and PEPFA, LINKAGES India project planned to join hands with Yes4Me to help high risk and vulnerable population to access to HIV related services online. To find out the gaps, LINKAGES India team has a good history of conducting a range of consultations with the community.

Yes4Me has played a significant role in bridging these gaps and making it possible for this population to reach advanced HIV testing and treatment-related services. The online reservation platform comes as a great help to all those who plan to visit the nearest testing clinic but show hesitation in the booking an appointment with an HIV specialist in Mumbai. They also help to get the test done at substantially reduced prices.

Using the app, it’s also easy to check out a massive list of nearest clinics where you can also confirm a meeting for an STD test Mumbai.