Have you considered a fun, unique gift basket filled with personalized merchandise? Theme bridal shower gift baskets can be an exciting and budget-conscious way to show the bride how much you care about her. Look no further than the following list, which outlines our top picks for unique bridal shower gift baskets.

1. Wedding day survival “kit”: there is no better way to ease away the bride’s wedding day jitters than by giving her this fun “kit” which contains a wedding planner, hair accessories, a miniature wedding dress sewing kit, and a bottle of lavender bubble bath to soothe away those wedding day worries. A survival kit is a perfect way to let the bride know that you’ll be there for her to help her get through the big day.

2. Personalized candy gift basket: if the bride has a sweet tooth, give her these tasty bridal shower gift baskets filled with fun personalized candy kisses, chocolates, and miniatures. Don’t forget to select a personalized saying that reflects the love between the bride and groom. Add a pair of chocolate-covered strawberries decorated to resemble the bride and groom for an even more delicious gift!

3. Home spa basket: sensual bath and “spa” treatments are just what the bride needs to get ready for her big day. This gift basket is stuffed with scented bubble baths, soaps, foot scrub, and luxurious massage lotions, as well as a miniature back massager, foot scrubber, pedicure kit, and lavender-scented bath pillow.

4. Baking basket: if the bride loves to bake or wants to learn how a baking basket is a perfect choice. Include a recipe book, an assortment of baking pans and cookie cutters. You can also throw in some pre-packaged muffin mixes for those times when baking from scratch is not an option!

5. Honeymoon survival basket: find out where the happy couple are going for their honeymoon, then pack up some travel necessities. Some possible items to include are: clutch purse, sunscreen, tour books, traveling snacks, wedding jewelry and travel games.

Remember to keep your gift basket contents family-friendly, especially if the shower is going to include the family members of the bride or groom. You might think it’s funny, but the bride might not think the same way when she opens a package of flimsy lingerie in front of her mother or future mother-in-law. Trust me, I’ve been there!

To make your gift basket even more special, you can decorate it with ribbons and tissue that match the wedding colors chosen by the bride and groom.