Getting married is expensive and takes a lot of planning, so here are some creative wedding ideasthat will help save you time and money.

Getting married in the “off-season” months like January, February, March, and November, will end up saving you money and do not get married on a Saturday. This is a popular day and will cost you more.

Think about renting a wedding dress, or looking for a used dress as these will be a lot cheaper. Buy polyester dresses instead of silk. They are cheaper, won’t wrinkle too much and they are easier to clean.

When shopping for your shoes, shop during the summer and white shoes will be in season and not very hard to find. It’s a good idea to shop in the afternoon or evening as your feet will be swollen as they will be on your wedding day.

Creative Wedding Ideas – Other Creative Wedding Ideas

Free Flowers Savings Ideas

1. You don’t really need two bouquets unless you plan to display one after you are married. Just toss the one you walk down the aisle with.
2. If you do want to keep your bouquet, toss just one flower from it, that way you are still saving on the second bouquet.
3. Except for the bride, who should have real flowers, you can use silk flowers. They are cheaper and already preserved.
4. If you use silk flowers for centerpieces and decorations, you can always reuse them at home for party decorations or you can also resell them.

Free Decorating Savings Ideas

1. Creative wedding ideas for decorating the head table can be buying vases for the flowers and line them up with candles between them.
2. Buy candles and holders at a dollar store or second-hand store.
3. Also look for any other items you can use for decorating at the dollar store.
4. You can ask your florist about renting plants to decorate with.

Free Invitation Savings Ideas

1. Make your own invitations; check out websites that offer unique designs.
2. If you do order your invitations, order them online. It will be a lot cheaper.

Free Wedding Cake Savings Ideas

1. Try buying a cake that has different flavoured tiers and you can skip the dessert table all together.
2. If you are having a dessert table order a basic wedding cake or try renting the wedding cake.
3. You can always decorate your cake yourself using fresh or silk flowers.

Free Catering and Reception Savings Ideas

1. Try to hire a caterer that will supply everything for the tables. Plates, glasses, table clothes, and so on.

2. Make sure they only charge for what you need, as some caterers will have package deals. If you don’t need everything that is included in the deal, for example, if you decorate the reception hall yourself, you should not pay for that but maybe you can substitute that for something else you do need to be done.

3. Pick things that are in season, like fruits and vegetables.

4. Don’t go for fancy foods that not many people will know what it is and it will also be very expensive.

5. Buffets are great creative wedding ideas because not only do they cost less, it gives your guests a chance to mingle and they can pick what they want to eat.

6. Make sure the contract with the caterer states that the gratuity will be included.

7. If you use a venue that lets you purchase your own liquor it will be cheaper but is more work.

8. You can always have a cash bar and make money off of it.

9. Cut out the fancy drinks and only serve wine and beer. All the different liquors and mixes will be expensive.

10. Cutting back on the guest list is another creative wedding idea.

11. Think about having the reception in a hotel and they can do the decorating. Provide the services, and rooms for guests that want to stay overnight.

12. Order smaller plates for kids and teenagers that are under the legal drinking age; they are usually cheaper without the alcohol.

13. Your reception is where you can cut back the most, so make sure you shop around for the best deals.

Free Photographer Savings Ideas

1. Photographers are very expensive but as far as creative wedding ideas goes you don’t want to cut too many corners here. You want your pictures to turn out the very best they can because it’s not every day you get married.

2. If you know someone that takes professional pictures to see if they will take the pictures for you. It can be their wedding present to you. They can give you the film afterward and you can have the photos made yourself. These are great creative wedding ideas.

3. If you want to hire a professional make sure they give you your digital file. That way you can get prints done at a reasonable price.

4. If they don’t give you the file ask if you can buy it when they are ready to throw them away. Usually, it’s around 3 yrs.

5. Prices are going to vary on photographers but find out what it will cost to have larger pictures made and see if it is worth it.

6. It might be cheaper if the photographer doesn’t stay for the reception. It can save on the coverage times.

7. If you want pictures of the cake cutting and first dance, do them right after the introductions and then have them leave.

Free Transportation Savings Ideas

1. Do you really want a limo or can you borrow someone’s Lincoln or antique car?
2. If you do want a limo, shop around because prices will vary.
3. Just the limo and chauffeur is enough, any extras will cost a lot more.
4. Once you get to the reception, send the limo home. If they pick you up after the reception it will cost at least $100 more.
5. The bride and bridesmaids can be picked up evening purse, before the ceremony but everyone else can do in their own cars and the groom can ride with the best man.
6. You can also look into renting cars from different places. It should be cheaper than a limo.

Free Music Service Savings Ideas

1. It’s always cheaper to have a DJ compared to a live band.
2. Any extra items, like lighting, props, and give-aways, will cost you more.
3. If you go with someone more expensive, it doesn’t mean the party will go longer or more people will dance but a DJ or band that is crappy will ruin your reception.

Free Wedding Planner Savings Ideas

1. If you use a wedding planner, they can save you money because they know the business and have connections.
2. You could always hire a planner for just the final stages. They could have everything written down and if you follow them; your day will be beautiful.
3. You can ask someone you know to do the planning. Make sure they will mention it if something is not going right.