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These days, with so many designers coming up, the idea of simple tops is receiving a direction. Starting from suiting to the requirements of a simple college to providing a formal touch, various types of trendy fashion tops online are available. These tops come in variety of eye catchy designs, prints, captions and colours which play a major role in providing an edge to your personality.
Well, if we briefly talk about the available patterns of the stylish tops online for women, only a few of them are meant for fulfilling the requirements of a particular season. Most of the designs are trans-seasonal and can be stacked inside your wardrobe without any second thought. Here, in this article, we will be discussing about the few catchy and popular designs whichare trending and match to all your looks. These designer tops are ideal for both evening parties as well as for everyday casual look.
• Floral Lacy Designer Tops: These tops come with a very delicate and lacy fabric which suits to all types of figure types. Having a small sleeve and s mid length, these tops have a prominent bow towards the waistline highlighting the curves yet keeping your style chic. Usually these tops come with hosiery lining which provides a better coverage along with comfort.
• Gathered Neck Tops: If you are aiming to buy casual chic womens fashion, these kinds of tops are the perfect deal. These gathered neckline tops highlight the neckline area and are considered the right choice for the heavily busted. These tops come with a cute sleeve and heavy cloth embellishment in the neck area. The usual material of these tops is Georgette which provides a breezy look. Extra elastic is used in the waistline to create a frilled look.
• Cowl Neck Tops: These tops come with a lot of frills in the front which are gathered neatly on the top providing a flowing appearance. These tops come in a elastic material which hug the figure tightly, highlighting the curves. These tips are considered highly versatile as they pair up perfectly with slim fit denim providing a perfect casual plus party look.
• Indian Kurti Tops: Well, nothing can beat the statement of Indo- western combination. If you are thinking to invest in and buy casual chic womens fashion, the Indian style kurti tops provide an excellent choice. It can be easily paired up with jeans. This look does not require many accessories and yet provide you the most stunning look for your evening parties. These tops are regarded as a perfect blend of tradition with western essence transforming and providing a completely new look.
However, when purchasing stylish tops online for women, the buyer needs to ensure that the top is designed to suit to their body type. Apart from the figure type, the style of the top should actually match with the bottom with which it is paired. So, these two points should be considered and analysed when going through or investing money in fashion clothing line for women.

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