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Like many people watches news the normal basic news, A guy name Furkan Aibani makes Savage News which is normal news but with a funny – savageness which makes the news unique and more to watch.

He is been making this news all over social media and has got soo many views and recognition. He got featured in many international news as well. Savage news is not only popular in India but also worldwide.

Some people also says that they don’t sleep unless they watch the news, Which airs at 3AM daily. 3 news daily with some extra funny parts.

Furkan Aibani makes his Savage news everyday since 3 years. He says he was watching DJ khaled when he got his news idea and shouting like him but that was just the old news, people started loving it and it went viral

You all can watch his show all over the social media specially SNAPCHAT & INSTAGRAM & TIKTOK