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Factory layout projects benefit from rapid implementation and the associated low start-up costs

Many project managers still rely on 2D when it comes to factory layout. But there is 3D software that bridges both worlds.

MPDS4 starter package: Factory modelling, implementation, and training

With the 2D/3D software, 3D models can be automatically generated from a 2D layout. This provides two key benefits for designers: first, the high speed of working in 2D, and second, the advantages of a 3D model. A specially designed starter package for factory layout enables projects to be quickly started and rapidly implemented.
Effective use of vertical space
The advantages of 3D design are manifold. In many complex production lines, it is vital that vertical space is used effectively during the manufacturing process. This requires precise planning at the design stage. As a result, collision detection and 3D visualization are becoming increasingly important for factory layouts. The 3D approach makes it easy to create high-quality designs, thereby avoiding expensive problems and delays during construction. For many Engineering departments though, 3D still seems like a big step to take.
Size-independent, high-performance design
“Many companies in the UK today still use 2D CAD software as their primary tool for factory design. Although well aware of the benefits of a 3D approach, most have tried Mechanical 3D CAD systems and have quickly come up against their limitations, such as size constraints, poor performance, or inaccuracy” explains Mark Simpson of engineering software developer CAD Schroer.
A Quick Start for 3D Factory Projects
CAD Schroer makes it easier for customers to transition from 2D to 3D for large projects. Its factory layout software is easy to learn even for 2D users with no previous 3D experience. Existing 2D drawings can be imported and quickly used as the basis for 3D layouts, walk-throughs and visualizations. By placing 2D equipment symbols at the required location on the 2D layout, the corresponding 3D models are automatically loaded at the same location in 3D. The starter package for factory layout further increases productivity.

“We can model existing factories, including the machinery,” continues Mark Simpson. “Or, depending on your needs, we can layout a new production line in the required location, quality checking any 2D drawings and 3D files provided. We supply the complete 3D lifecycle model clients need to plan subsequent changes and visualise them in 3D.” The starter package for digital factory layout with MPDS4 is a shrewd investment for factory projects.
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