Metegrity’s Visions, the market leading asset integrity management software for plants, pipelines, and facilities, has been chosen by a large midstream operator to run their inspection data management system (IDMS).

The company, which has assets across more than 19 natural gas processing facilities, needed a comprehensive AIM program to manage compressor stations at facilities they had acquired. An ideal software would support their commitments to health and safety compliance while delivering functionality for the specific mechanical integrity needs of compressor stations.

Visions was selected over competing vendors for a multitude of factors, including its competitive price point and extensive functionality. Its ability to manage vast, complex arrays of assets seamlessly from one database made it the ideal choice for pipeline operations and inspections. Since it is a single-repository based asset integrity system that provides one version of the truth, the operator will benefit from constant awareness of the status of all of the equipment at all times.

In addition, personnel on site who had previous experience with Visions championed it as the selection of choice due to its intuitive format, user-friendliness, and quick learning curve. Overall, the operator can expect reduced loss of containment, cost-effective predictive maintenance (instead of reactive), measurable knowledge of all risks, prolonged equipment life, streamlined regulatory compliance, and accelerated ROI.
Implementation of Visions at the facilities is already underway. Metegrity’s dedicated team of integrity specialists will extract and transfer all legacy data for the operator and provide any additional implementation support required.

“We are proud that Visions has been recognized for the real benefits it delivers to the midstream sector,
says Darrell Pelletier, Operations Manager with Metegrity. “The capacity of Visions to handle all the complexities of a midstream network from a single database will significantly enhance their ability to predict and prevent catastrophe. The cost to benefit reward will be immediately apparent as they move forward.”

Winona Met, Director of Communications
+1 780 485 8500