If you want to build a website to enable the storage and sharing of files, then you might assume it will be necessary to code something from scratch. In fact, all you really need is a script, and you can get your file hosting site up and running in minutes. With YetiShare File Hosting Script at your disposal, you have everything you need to add file sharing and hosting to your website. There’s no need to program even a single line of code, since all the features you’ll ever need have already been created, and you can pick and choose them according to your needs.

Provide an excellent user experience across all devices

One of the biggest problems with coding a website from scratch or using a typical theme for an existing content management system is that they lack the responsiveness needed to accommodate today’s diverse browsing habits. Now that most people use smartphones to use the web, it’s essential that you offer an excellent mobile browsing experience, but that shouldn’t come at the cost of a sub-part desktop browsing experience. To provide a great experience to your visitors, YetiShare File Hosting Script features the fully responsive ‘Flow’ theme, which also covers the admin area.

YetiShare File Hosting Script also lets you create member-only sites, sell premium service upgrades and integrate online payments. The full source code is also provided, so developers can enjoy even more power over their projects. Version 4.5.3 provides some welcome fixes too, including a fix to the IP location library and the latest IP locations. Find out more at https://yetishare.com .

About MFScripts
At MFScripts we’re committed to the creation of professional, low-cost php website scripts bundled ready for installation on new or existing websites. We design and build all our scripts inhouse so you can be sure of the best possible support directly from us when you purchase. All of our website scripts come with 100% source code, so you can easily amend them to suit your needs. None of the php or html code is encoded at all.