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Dr. Cinik Hair Hospital ( is based in Turkey. The clinic was founded by Dr. Emrah Cinik who has more than 15 years of experience in the field of cosmetics and medical aesthetics. The medical centre boasts of a highly competent staff who prioritise patient satisfaction and care. The clinic is well-known for its quality treatment, catering to patients from around the globe.

All surgeries at the Dr. Cinik Hair Hospital are performed with extreme care using only the latest technology and equipment. The staff members are multilingual to ensure that they can converse with the patients in a language that the patient is comfortable in.

Hair Restoration Treatments:

The Dr. Cinik Hair Transplant Clinic serves as a one-stop solution for all hair restoration needs. It offers various kinds of hair restoration treatments like:

Hair Transplant – At Dr. Cinik, you can get a hair transplant done by three different processes. These include the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) method, the Direct Hair Implantation (DHI) method and lastly, the sapphire treatment. The FUE is the most popular method as it allows high accuracy of implantation and leaves no permanent scars. The DHI method is also a popular one that is very similar to the FUE technique. The primary difference between the two is that the DHI method is done using an implanter tool.
Facial Hair Transplant – The centre also offers facial hair transplant treatments that require high accuracy and expertise. One can avail beard hair transplant, eyebrow hair transplant and other forms of facial hair transplant too. Facial hair transplants are performed following the FUE procedure of transplant.
Others – Apart from the primary transplant treatments, the clinic also offers repair treatments. The two main treatments offered include hair transplant repair and strip scars repair.
Packages Offered:

The Dr. Cinik Hair Hospital offers three main hair transplant packages. These include:

Primary Package – Priced at 2090EUR, the package includes one FUE transplant session with no limit to the number of hair grafts to be transplanted.
Exclusive Package – Priced at 2590EUR, this package is similar to the Primary package. However, under this package, Dr. Cinik will himself be involved in the procedure.
DHI Package – Priced at 2990EUR the package includes a DHI session with the highest possible number of hair grafts.
All the packages offered include accommodation in 4 or 5-star hotels and internal transfers too. To know more about their treatments and packages, please visit: .

About Dr. Cinik
Dr. Emrah Cinik founded the Dr. Cinik Hair Hospital. He graduated from the Uludag University in 2002 and has been practising cosmetics and medical aesthetics since then. He is renowned as an innovative surgeon in the field of medical aesthetics.