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Makati, Philippines, August 2019, As the Philippines is more prone to hurricane and UV rays due to its geographical location, the safety from UV rays, severe weather conditions and break-in from human threats of commercial and residential space has become a topic of concern. To deal with the matter of security, LA Window Films is offering an extensive range of Nano-Tech security films with new tint shades to deal with the potential threats.

Makati based company, LA Window Films is encouraging the people of the Philippines to get safety and security films for their commercial and residential properties and automobiles as a part of their security measures. As the Makati based company is the leader in window film installation in the Philippines, the company offers Nano-Tech security films with new tint shades which acts as a barrier between your delicate glass windows and any damage that could harm the property.

Amrit Mirpuri, CEO of LA Window Films while talking about the climatic condition and recent rise in break-in crimes in the Philippines, said “I strongly believe that safety and security films should protect every property of Filipinos. Opting a superior quality film will protect the property from potential shatter and intruders, and it gives privacy and most importantly significantly reduces heat and glare of the sun. Applying Window Films is an economical solution in the Philippines to reduce electricity bills.”

LA Window Films offers the highest grade of window films from the top brand’s window tints of the world. Some of these include the Commander series, Nano-Tech Security Films, Machete series, and more. Commander 4 Mil is first of its kind providing super dual protection by blocking 75% and 99% infrared heat and ultraviolet rays respectively. The Commander 4 Mil has inbuilt safety features, and it is the best for commercial or residential buildings, homes and cars. Now it is coming in a new medium, neutral and dark tint shades to give a sophisticated look.

Team LA Window Films is proud of the range offered by them and are working endlessly to deliver better services to their clients. To know more about the new Commander 4 Mil series and other window films, visit their official website For queries call at: (02) 847-0602 or 847-0620 and (032) 233-7139 in Cebu, 02 847 – 0620 in Makati, (082) 228-7001 to 02 in Davao or email to

About the Company:

Founded in 2003, L.A. Window Films Philippines is a leading provider and installer of window films in the Philippines boasting more than 10,000 client’s across the nation.