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Submit your story, press or biography and get featured on Longé Magazine. Go to to submit your information. Be prepared to submit your information by having a picture, biography, social media, and based on your category (5 pictures for designers) or music Link for musicians.

Growing your a company take a great deal of work and consistent efforts at all times. Overall it’s a great idea to build a plan and stick to that plan as best as possible. Keep your goals and vision to the core of your dream regardless of those who do not believe in the direction.

The most interesting thing is when one sits back and talk and they are doing nothing to better themselves. Get your story in the right place today. Submit on Longé Magazine.

Business Owners
As a business owner getting press is critical to consumer knowing about your product or services. Get your business featured and reach more clients. Submit your well-written press release and let Longe assist in helping your business touch a new set of consumers that is right for your niche market.

Let the public know how your product or service work and the benefits of becoming a consumer. Paint the perfect picture, that will let a company or individual reading about the product or services do exactly what is required by your organization. Create the perfect landing page which triggers the right effect. submit your story to

Fashion Designers
Feature your collection on Longé Magazine and let our follower see your talent. Submit your story to get more footage. Getting featured as a designer can mean meeting the potential contact needed to get to the next level. Designers who are interested in submitting their collection will need five(5) pictures, biography, logo, social media links, and collection title.

Once your article is featured it will be alongside the best designers reviews throughout the world. Longé Magazine looks to increase the best of the best designers by showing only quality work.

Let the world know about your music and what is going with you as a musician. Submit your music, biography, picture, streaming/social media platforms, and other press information. Getting news coverage is very important for a musician career. Musician get your story together and submit it to Longé Magazine and get featured. A musician can also get guarantee radio play by using our services to get more details by going to

Depending on the package of choice you can also obtain press releases and social media marketing posting. Artist “song” is submitted to the leading global broadcast tracking source that tracks radio airplay of songs inside the US and worldwide on extra than 5000+ radio stations. Our submission includes FM Terrestrial, college, industrial, Non-industrial as well as lots of streaming internet radio stations.

This service is for serious musicians that are wanting to be heard worldwide. To submit your music you will need a .mp3 file that is 320kbps, and picture.

All others can submit their story as well. If you’re interested in being featured on Longé Magazine, submit your story. Companies or individuals interested in being featured need a picture, bio, and social media links.

To submit your story go to the following link Longe Magazine looks forward to reviewing great stories.

About Longe Magazine.

Our Mission:

was created for today’s avid and trendy reader looking for the inside track in business, finance, entertainment Longé Magazine, and fashion. Unlike other magazine companies that use manipulative tactics to attract their readers, Longé Magazine sets out to create a magazine focusing on the reader’s craving for an information source that provides a clear direction, resources, and testimonies from entrepreneurs while simultaneously not having the stylistic tone of a lecture. Moreover, the information provided in the magazine would be easily applicable to the real world as readers take on the challenging yet rewarding task of starting a business. Longé Magazine provides more than just articles, we focus on branding and development for our members. Longé Magazine Reviews and more Products/Services, Social Media Marketing, Sales Lead Generation services and music marketing.

Longé Magazine is a dynamic reading piece that covers the essential details of how a business becomes successful. It will enlighten aspiring entrepreneurs with information on business structures and operations for the corporate, entertainment and fashion world. Its purpose is not only to provide success stories about businesses but also to help create future success stories for others.

Our Vision:

wants to enhance the knowledge of those who may already own companies but might need more insight on what can potentially benefit or harm their business. Longé MagazineOur vision is to create a reading masterpiece that can become the manual for those wanting to start his/her own business.

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