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A lot of businesses and labels like to use boxes to pack their shipment safely. Among many options available, corrugated sheets is an infamous one. But, what it is exactly and why is it so famous? First, we need to focus on the difference between corrugated and carton boxes, which were commonly used prior.

Cardboard boxes are packing materials which contains one layer only. It is used in places where a lot of fragile or delicate items are not used. Since it does not provide a lot of protection or cushioning, it is used mainly to transport items in closer areas.

On the other hand, corrugated sheets contain in them three layers all of which provide strength and durability. The first outer sheet which we see, an inside layer and in between them both, another layer exists which is called flute layer. This is the main layer which adds more durability to your packing. On the basis of thickness of flute layer, there are six categories done. These layers include:

A-flute: 4.7mm thick – For stacking products
B-flute: 2.5mm thick – Puncture resistant
C-flute: 3.6mm – for stacking and resisting damages
E-flute: 1.5mm – lighter items
BC flute: Combination of B and C flute; more stacking strength
AC flute: Combination of A and C flute; More durability

Why Corrugated Cartons are preferred over the other materials:

Lower cost for shipping and transporting
A sustainable option as compared to other, can be easily recycled
Easier and safer to ship to desired location
Improved protection due to being puncture resistant
Has more strength and durable
Can be reused and recycled so do not need to buy again
Can be stacked better without damaging the inside contents.

Different Categories of Corrugated design:

Slotted Boxes; contain only a singular item, which has two other flaps on both the ends. These boxes are ready to use and do not require any special handling. These are the most commonly used category since it is all pre-designed.

Half-slotted boxes: Also same as the slotted boxes

Telescope box: Has more than one piece, with a lid that will cover each end easily

Slide boxes: As the name suggests, the pieces will slide in any direction required

Folding up pads: Can be folded up to one piece

Folder box: It acts like a folder and also has other variants like handles or panels which can be attached as needed. One piece is fixed at the bottom, while the other one folds onto it.

Depending upon your requirements and shipping destination you can choose whatever type of material you like.
RoshPack provides any dimension or size requirements of the corrugated box you want. Not only do these boxes add more value to the product inside, but also can represent your brand as well. Not to mention, with its ability to be reused, you can easily lower your cost and order in bulk quantity from Roshpack.