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Glazes are decorative ingredients that are used to impart a shining and attractive appearance to the food products. They are a transparent and viscous paste which retain their appearance when brushed on the surface of the food products. Apart from enhancing the appearance, glazes are important components for enhancing shelf-life stability and also act as anti-microbial components. They also improve sticking properties in the food products. They are applicable in a variety of products such as fruit pie decorations, cakes, and pastry toppings and donuts. Glazes may also be flavoured or coloured to suit the need of the consumer. The demand for glazes is expected to grow due to the cut-throat competition in the bakery decoration ingredients market. Technology has also enabled an enhanced production capacity in the glazes market.

Innovations in Bakery and Confectionery Decorations to Fuel the Growth for Glazes Market

The fascination and willingness of bakery enthusiasts to spend on innovative decorates are fuelling the growth of the glazes market. Glazes manufacturers are constantly striving to offer a broad portfolio to bakery professionals in terms of design and quality. Social media has also provided these enthusiasts a larger platform to showcase their innovation, which has upped the demand for glazes and other decorative ingredients. Also, consumers have significantly raised their spending bar for parties and occasions, which is a major application segment for glazes. According to the Germany Trade & Invest (GTAI), the catering industry is forecasted to grow at a rate of 5.8%. The frozen food industry is also exhibiting a similar trend for which usage of glazes is becoming a necessity.

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Manufacturers are increasingly exploring healthier and natural alternatives for the production of glazes. Glazes derived from the natural sources is a lucrative segment and is expected to exhibit higher growth over the forecast period. This demand is also linked to the rising health consciousness amongst consumers which are increasingly cutting down on sugar-based products. This factor may retard the growth of the glazes market.

Glazes Segmentation

On the basis of end use, the glazes market is segmented into-

Food Industry Bakery Goods Fruit pies Cakes & Pastries Donuts Sugar Confectionery Chocolate Confectionery Meat Products Seafood Snacks Others
Dietary Supplements
On the basis of sales channel, the glazes market is segmented into-

B2C/Indirect Modern Trade Specialty Stores Convenience Stores Online Retailers Others
On the basis of packaging, the glazes market is segmented into-

Carton packs
Plastic Tubs
On the basis of source, the glazes market is segmented into-

On the basis of product type, the glazes market is segmented into-

Sweet Glazes
Savoury Glazes
Glazes Market: Regional Analysis

Glazes are a popular ingredient in developed countries like North America and Europe and occupy a larger market share for the traditional cuisines. Also, the frozen food market is in the growth phase in these regions which allows glazes market considerable space to grow. The BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa) region is one of the key regions, where expansions and product launches in the glazes market could be particularly fruitful for the manufacturers. In Eastern Europe, countries like Turkey and Poland are some of the key countries which are rapidly expanding in the confectionery space. Moreover, these countries are also export-oriented and hence a noteworthy shift in the production locations from Western Europe to Eastern Europe could be expected in the glazes market over the forecast period.

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Glazes Market: Key Participants

Some of the market participants in the glazes market are:

Puratos Group NV
Masterol Foods Pty. Ltd.
Sandel Foods
Lawrence Foods, Inc.
Kerry Inc.
AP Multi Products Pvt. Ltd.
Capol LLC
Amero Foods Mfg. Corp
Custom Food Solutions