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Columbia, South Carolina is a city surrounded by nature. U.S. Lawns helps commercial establishments in the area maintain the city’s verdant landscape with sustainable landscaping services.

[COLUMBIA, 01/08/2019] – According to the city’s official website, Columbia recently joined other counties, such as Lexington and Richland, in efforts to create a newer and more inclusive green business program. As a result, the Midlands Green Business was formed. This program aims to recognize organizations that follow eco-friendly business practices.

The Midlands Green Business is only one of the many ways organizations practice sustainability in Columbia. U.S. Lawns aids in these efforts by providing business owners in the city sustainable landscaping services for their commercial property.

Preserving Columbia’s Abundant Landscape with U.S. Lawns

As a city that is still undergoing continuous, expansive urban development, businesses should think about how to preserve the city of Columbia’s natural beauty. One way is through U.S. Lawns’ commercial landscaping services.

The company keeps commercial properties’ lawns and frontage pristine and well-maintained. This helps establishments, like hotels, malls, and various shops, attract more clients. Apart from that, enlisting sustainable landscape improvements from U.S. Lawns is a way for businesses to contribute to the city’s efforts to rejuvenate the cityscape while stimulating the local economy.

U.S. Lawns improves the looks of commercial properties by creating environmentally friendly green spaces. The landscape professionals design lawns, yards, and gardens in a way that conserves water, energy, and maintenance time. The landscaping team in Columbia adds natural elements such as rocks and bark, which can support the local ecosystem while enhancing the look of the landscape.

By having their properties landscaped by U.S. Lawns, business owners in Columbia contribute to both the improvement of the locale and the city’s efforts towards sustainability.

About U.S. Lawns

U.S. Lawns is the country’s top provider of commercial landscaping services. Based in Florida and with over 250 branches all over the country, the company offers full-service commercial landscape maintenance and improvement in different industries like real estate, healthcare, and more.

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