The photos and videos of our wedding day delight us, comfort us, and spark a memory of the notable moments in our life. Although it’s important to have a large collection of memories from your wedding day, its essential to have a wedding album which is as priceless as the wedding itself. Subodh Bajpai Photographers are leading wedding photographers in Delhi NCR that make your wedding moments last forever. They are A team of highly experienced, dynamic and professional wedding photographers that specialize in 360 degree wedding photography.

Right from sharing a special and candid time with your father or bridesmaids to walking down the aisle to uniting with your BAE on the stage, each moment is worth capturing on your D- day. 360 degree wedding photography gives a completely new meaning to each wedding photograph. From traditional photography that once used to capture existence to candid photography to lifelike wedding photographs, modern couples today are demanding a change and 360 degree wedding photography is the newest trend that is gaining momentum. With the ability to capture photographs in 360 degrees, it’s an amazing feeling seeing all the special moments all over again, bridesmaids and parents rejoicing and guests smiling. Each wedding photo reflects the emotions as you walk past them making you feel as if you are watching the day happen in front of you.

With stunning 360 degree wedding videos and photographs, Subodh Bajpai Photography team excels in making your wedding stand out from the crowd. Leaving a real impact on the people and every other person who would watch your wedding photographs, it makes them feel like being present in the beautiful moment. Established in the year 2013, Subodh Bajpai team has unique business plans and aims to make a mark on the society with unique wedding photographs. The founder of Subodh Bajpai says “A 360 degree video and photos not only captures the wedding from a full view perspective, but it also brings out the details in every wedding photograph making them lifelike. It allows you to get larger than views of even the smallest of moments like guest reactions, bridesmaids’ emotions, the decor and the atmosphere in a way that would never be possible with an ordinary wedding photo album.”
With a vision to serve as Lucknow’s and eventually the country’s best wedding photography company and with goals to capture those precious memories from all angles, Subodh Bajpai Photography creates awesome videos for cherished eternal memories. Founded by a passionate photographer since childhood, Subodh Bajpai, himself, the company always desires to be ahead of the wedding photography game by using new technologies and new trends. Also it is the first company in India to have covered more than a staggering 500 weddings in a year.
In the present era, 360 degree wedding photography is the next best way to capture the love, laughter and emotions shared on the wedding day. Subodh Bajpai Photography team understand this better than anyone! Hire the team to bring out the details in each wedding photograph and cherish authentic stories of your love!
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Subodh Bajpai photography is a futuristic photography venture based in Delhi. The team works on a common goal of shooting Indian Weddings with an innovative and practical approach.

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