Flynn’s Auto Detailing is one of the premier automotive detailing companies in South Africa, offering high-quality services at the most competitive rates.  The company specialises in different services which include paint correction, refinement as well as protection. The company is founded by Michael Flynn, whose immense love and obsession with cars helped him turn his passion into a business. The company believes in achieving perfection in every vehicle they work.

The company offers a number of services which include vehicle detailing, paint refinement and paint coating.

Vehicle Detailing is a popular service offered by Flynn’s Auto Detailing. Here are some of the options available in the vehicle detailing package:

Basic Detail: This service involves extensive deep cleaning of the exterior surface of the vehicle with the use of safe chemicals and non-marring techniques. Use of safe chemicals is extremely important to ensure no damage to the car. Tasks involved in this process include cleaning of exterior glass, light vacuuming of the interiors, wiping of all panels and dashes, cleaning of door shuts and wheel arches and cleaning of specific areas like the inner rims, rim faces and behind the spokes.

Maintenance Detail: This is an advanced wash facility which offers services like blow-drying to the vehicle and removal of trapped water. Maintenance tasks take almost four hours and involve several tasks. Activities include polishing of exhaust and glass tips, vacuuming of the interiors and spray waxing during the drying process to get a nourished and enhanced look.

Protection and Enhancement Detail: This package includes all tasks of the maintenance along with many other additional activities. Glass and tail pipes are polished, the vehicle is rewashed so that any clay lubricant is removed, it is dried with the help of plus microfibre towels, it is blown dry again so that trapped water can be removed. There is also another process through which iron and tar contaminants are treated and removed.

Swissvax Paint Treatment: This treatment takes a day to complete. In this process, high -performance car care product is used – Swissvax. The treatment includes cleaner fluid treatment, clay bar application and one coat Swissvax wax. Additional coatings are optional which are available for an extra price.

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About Flynn’s Auto Detailing:

Flynn’s Auto Detailing, located in Cape Town is founded by Michael Flynn, who turned his passion into a business. The company offers several services and specialises in paint correction, refinement as well as protection.