Nantech Are The One UPS dealers in Chennai You Can Rely On With Eyes Closed.

Chennai, TN., July 30, 2019 — Nantech, UPS manufacturers in Chennai, brings much-needed relief to consumers with reliable, long-lasting, and high-performing online UPS.

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Online UPS converts the AC main power supply to DC and then feeds it to a battery through an inverter. Unlike offline UPS, these are permanently connected to an inverter which takes away the need for a power switch. In case of an outage, the rectifier in the Online UPS drops from the circuit, and the batteries continue to supply power to the device connected. When the main electricity supply is restored, the rectifier resumes to carry the load, and the batteries in the online UPS start charging.

Essentially, online UPS offer steady and unchanged supply of power. It makes them crucial for environments where even the smallest of fluctuations can cause massive damage. They were typically used for sensitive environments. Now, thanks to UPS dealers in Chennai, the ordinary consumer can also benefit from them.

A representative of Nantech quotes on online UPS, “The products we offer come with true double conversions and DSP power control systems. Both are state-of-the-art technologies. Combined with other factors, our Online UPS provide the precise voltage required and thoroughly clean power. Besides offering a pure sine-wave output, we have ensured that the UPS are simple to install. Immaterial to how big or small a business is, Nantech’s UPS has the capacity to deliver uninterrupted power supply to all of them. When you buy from us, you can rest assured that you get access to a reliable backup power source.”

As the government-approved UPS manufacturers in Chennai, Nantech has catered to many industries. Their Online UPS are applicable for Defence, hospitals, schools, colleges, small enterprises, tech companies, medical diagnostic centres, banks, etc. A few features that make online UPS handy for a plethora of industries are the in-built battery that supports 3000VA, high-efficiency, and extreme compatibility with generators.

“Our aim with online UPS is not merely to provide a constant supply of powers to highly sensitive devices. Which we do brilliantly because the online UPS is, as they say, always on. There is never any disturbance in voltage. But we also work towards reducing power consumption. It is why the rectifiers in our UPS come with active power correction. The technology, the very latest in the field, ensures that companies are able to reduce their power load by 30%! With microprocessor control and isolation transformer, Nantech’s Online UPS guarantee supreme reliability,” says the representative further.

Nantech has worked towards finding solutions to frequent issues such as spikes and blackout for over seventeen years. Moreover, they strive to provide user-friendly options. Their online UPS is no different. It comes with USB and RS232 support functions along with a LED or LCD front panel. The screen interface is simple to use and provides accurate information on the present status of operations. The UPS dealers in Chennai have earned a name of trust because every product goes through a battery of standard tests before being sent out to the market.

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