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The Kent-based bed shop carries a selection of locally made mattresses designed for added support, maximum comfort and luxury, ensuring a good night’s rest.

[KENT, 2019] – Benmores Beds clearly understands that a good night’s sleep is crucial to functioning well the next day. The local shop’s premium mattresses, from pocket sprung to memory foam, are ideal for individuals seeking quality cushion relief.

Enjoy Quality Sleep Every Night

A good night’s sleep rests on the maximum comfort and support a mattress can provide. The mattress collection of Benmores Beds delivers on both accounts.

Customers may choose from the following brands:

Bronze Flex Memory Mattress
Garnet Ortho
Ruby Memory
Emerald Aloe Vera 1000
Rock 2000
Diamond Cashmere 2000

The Kent-based independent shop explains the Bronze Flex has a layer of memory foam that moulds around the body’s contours, providing optimum relief and comfort. The Ruby mattress, meanwhile, is ideal for both winter and summer season. The mattress has a responsive memory form that adds pressure during the cold months and on the other side; it has a layer of traditional upholstery with a cooler feel, helping to dissipate body heat for comfortable summer nights.

The shop recommends getting a firm model for customers experiencing chronic pain. The shop says the Rock 2000 is the firmest in the market. This model has 2000 springs in its material pockets, supporting joints and muscles for quality sleep.

Another option is the Garnet, which features rebound foam and soft knit thermal fabric for better back care. This model has an advanced orthopaedic spring unit, which helps support the spine.

Customers can enjoy luxurious comfort, too. The Diamond Cashmere 2000 mattress contains 2000 strings placed under layers of wool, silk and cashmere. For people who want a hypo-allergenic mattress, they can opt for the Emerald Aloe Vera. This mattress has generous layers of luxury fibre fillings and hypo-allergenic fabric.

Locally Crafted Quality Mattress

Customers can find proudly British-made mattresses at Benmores Beds. The independent shop supports local brands, so customers can expect to see their favourite ones at competitive prices.

The local shop provides a personal, friendly service because it values creating a connection with customers and listening to their needs. The team gives customers honest advice to help them find a suitable bed for their budget and personal style.

About Benmores Beds

Benmores Beds is an independent bed shop located in Welling, Kent. The brand has been providing quality beds to residents of Kent and surrounding areas since 1949. Customers can shop for various sleep solutions, including divan beds, metal beds, fabric beds and other types of beds. The brand provides same day or next day delivery throughout Kent.

Visit the Benmores Beds website for further information.