Main receipt for saving your money on cigarettes is simple: just quit smoking. Of course, it is not that easy. However, there a plenty of methods could help you at this path. Such as medical and psychological. It is quite possible if you have right motivation for that.
But what should other people do? The ones who do not want to quit smoking and just enjoying it. Believe me there is a big percentage of such kind of people. Moreover, I am one of them.
Thanks to globalization and online shopping people can get same cigarettes for reasonable prices. We could have same prices here in UK, but government is constantly increasing taxes. They want more and more. Because generally real cigarette cost is very low. For most of brands, it is same tobacco and same paper filters. And 90 % of shelf cost is margin and taxes. That’s why big manufacturers like Phillip Morris and British American Tobacco can easily manipulate their prices around the world. Because they have a really big gap between retail prices and actual costs. That’s why these manufacturers have their manufacturing facilities all over the world. Same brand names same quality and HUGE price difference.
Online shops like can really offer you that kind of pricing. You can find your favorite tobacco brands like Marlboro, Camel, Dunhill, Richmond, Davidoff cigarettes and many others. There are cigarettes with menthol, with flavored capsules, light ones, strong ones, slims and super slims. All you can see at your neighbor cigarette store is also available online.
There is definitely reasons to give a try to these opportunities and start saving your money on cigarettes.