The following press release is written to provide information about the Hannah Integrative Health clinic. You may contact them for the treatment of multiple acute or chronic disorders using the safest therapies.

We know and understand that the elderly people suffer from pain in various parts of their body due to the age-related degenerative factors, such as osteoarthritis and weakening of muscles. But, experiencing pain in young individuals is also quite common these days. Although, muscular pain could occur due to multiple reasons, but the most prominent reason of such neck and should pain is poor dietary habits and lifestyle. Once you are impacted with such type of pain, you are required to undergo some treatment offered by some orthopedics specialist, who may prescribe you some medication treatment for easing the symptoms. Such a medication course may include pain killers and other steroid-based healing medicines, which may cause other side effects on your body.

Also, there are also certain diseases like arthritis, for which patients are needed to have medicines for the lifetime. Even after consuming the medicines, many patients are not much relieved from the pain and they feel like living as a handicapped person. A better way is to consult the best acupuncturist in Newport Beach, who could treat either some of these disorders or at least their symptoms through natural, effective, and tested methods. Such methodologies could relieve you in the pain without consuming harmful medicines. For any such requirement, you may visit the clinic of the Hannah Integrative Health group. We use the traditional acupuncture therapies along with detoxification of body to minimize or even completely overcome any kind of joints and muscles pain.

Under the guidance of one of the top specialists, Dr. Milim Jeon, we provide our committed and dedicated services to our patients. We have our clinic in Newport Beach, CA. Our cost effective and safest treatment methodologies have benefited lots many patients of pain. We offer multiple acupuncture programs for treating our patients based on multiple methodologies, such as Auricular, Five-Element, Four Needle-based Korean, Japanese Style, Trigger Point, and Tung’s. We also offer a combination of acupuncture with cupping and massage to ensure the best results. Apart from the pain causing problems, we also treat the patients with various other diseases such as cardiac diseases, depression, gastrointestinal disorders, infertility, scars, and more through our detox methodologies.