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Commercial property in Sydney is in high demand. But a few key locations hold the jackpot for commercial property investors. Read on to find out which locations are hiding the proverbial pot of gold.

30th July 2019, Sydney

Being the capital city of New South Wales, Sydney is no stranger to expensive commercial properties changing hands. A fast-growing economy, a cosmopolitan population, and new business ventures have ensured a bright future for the city. Buyers agents in Sydney are asking commercial real estate investors to make the most of the cultural enhancements to the community, the boost in infrastructural growth and property laws.

Most profitable upcoming locations for commercial realty

The above-cited reasons should not be the only basis for you to invest in commercial real estate in Sydney. Commercial realty quality has also received a boost thanks to the augmented technology, and architectural conventions of today; these are responsible for the recent prominence of a few up and coming locations for commercial real estate:

  1. New Town

New Town is trivially known as the bohemian suburb of Sydney with the swankiest eateries, art galleries, theatres and as such. However, the New Town of today has long grown past its Victorian heritage infrastructure, street-wise culture and non-conformist fare.

Today, New Town is a hotbed for exotic multicultural restaurants, cafes, pubs and more. The proximity to Sydney CBD has allowed businesses to thrive. Buyers agents in Sydney highly recommend investors to own property here as numerous new companies are coming in search of lucrative lease prices.

  1. Paramatta

Paramatta is another suburb of Sydney that is known for its tryst with art and culture. The locality already brims with a multi-ethnic population, which made it a lucrative location for commercial real estate.

But, now, Paramatta has broken the glass ceiling and entered the big leagues, with numerous businesses coming up to support the art and cinema loving community here. Paramatta needs no introduction to leasers, as the location is only second to the Sydney CBD in terms of social and transport infrastructure, among other benefits.

iii.    Marrickville

Marrickville also deserves mention in the list of up and coming viable commercial real estate locations in Sydney. Situated in the inner-west of Sydney, the suburb is less than an hour’s drive away from the Sydney Central Business District.

Marrickville is known for spaciously designed commercial and office-space properties and is already home to several notable business brands. Investors would be remiss not to consider owning commercial estate here soon.

  1. Pyrmont

Pyrmont is also known for housing numerous journalistic and media business offices. Any commercial property buyers agent in Sydney worth their salt would ask you to invest in realty here. Pyrmont also sits adjacent to the pier, with the local fishery and seafood cuisine industry generating the lion’s share of the economy.

 Quality commercial property in Pyrmont, is therefore directly in the cross-hairs of new F&B businesses. Pyrmont is already witnessing regular competition from investors and buyers agents in Sydney, who are willing to pay asking prices, without negotiation for the premium quality commercial estate.

Thus, if you are going to invest in commercial property in Sydney, then your smartest bet would be on these locations.