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As the world gets digitalized, it’s important that businesses leverage internet technology to fine-tune their marketing. Media Shark, a hybrid agency that is the only fully managed programmatic agency is formed to help businesses refine their trade by targeting precise target online audience and herd it to their sites, incrementing traffic, and with it, incrementing visibility, sales, and profit. This is done via first of its kind behavioral intent SEO and video ads via Connected TV and the trending Over-the-top (OTT) Television that uses the internet and not traditional cable or satellite TV. Behavioral SEO detects online audiences’ online patterned behavior and drives them to pertinent searches which makes target traffic all the more viable. Media Shark also employs RTB or Real-time bidding with all the aforementioned technology to hike target and value traffic into business websites.

Media Shark was founded by people who had careers in Ad-tech. They pooled their extensive background in the field to the media space to help brands get real results by the leverage of real Artificial Intelligence. The hybrid agency isn’t only redefining online marketing, it’s are also making it more effective than ever before – the goal is to make more businesses to get better results by leveraging the newest technologies.

What makes Media Shark outstanding is the commitment to ‘programmatic advertising’ – a whole team that is programmatic centric. They also have an eye and application on attribution in online digital marketing. Clients can trust to get true reporting and tracking and grow their business concurrently. The hybrid agency harnesses all the latest digital advantages to change the face of digital advertising, making businesses and corporate companies get the not half bad deal.

Media Shark makes the combination of programmatic advertising and behavioral SEO extremely powerful and formidable – it’s a conflation and online marketing efficacy like never seen before. Technology advancements like Connected TV, OTT Television and RTB are used by the hybrid agency to change the ballgame of digital marketing, setting a standard that’s indeed revolutionary. For more visit