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Selling your old car to buy a new car is the best strategy to reduce your financial burden. Automobile companies are selling their cars that are extremely advanced, trendy, and luxurious to attract people. But all these features come with an expensive price tag. Though you can avail a loan, it’s still you who has to pay that huge amount of money with interest.

Old is not always gold

Old is not always gold. Make note of it. The maintenance cost you incur for your old car is damn high. It is also harmful and dangerous for you and our environment as the old car tends to emit a huge volume of toxic gases. If you sell your old car and make money out of it, then you are ready to buy your dream car. It sounds easy to say sell your old car, but it’s a tricky process.

Hire a Car Removal Service

There are so many Car removal companies out there who offer top cash for your junk car. All you have to do is just give them a call. They will meet you at your residence to collect your car. Their expert team will analyse the condition of your car and provide you a quote. If you feel the asking price is in line with your expectations, then just sell it.

Before finalising, make sure you have a minimum of 5 quotes in your hand. It’s always good to have options. 99% of Car removal services don’t charge for pickup and transportation. Do consider that.

Why should you hire?

 Nobody is ready to buy an old car with issues. You have to revamp its condition to sell it in the market.
 You should take your old car to a nearby mechanic to analyse its condition. It costs you some bucks.

 The faulty parts need to be replaced with new ones so that your car will run smoothly. It costs you some bucks.

 Registration, Paperwork, Pickup and Transportation add up to the never-ending list of expenditure.

Hope you understand why selling an old car is a daunting task if you do it on your own. Not, if you hire the right company.

About Malaga Car Removals

Malaga Car Removals is a Malaga based service with more than 20 years of service in Perth city. They offer quality service with their expert professional team. Irrespective of make and model, they quote best deals for scrap cars, junk cars, old cars, and damaged cars. They will be at your doorstep to remove your car. Instant Cash will be paid after the car condition is examined. They will take care of all the paperwork without getting a single pound from you. For additional information, visit


182 Camboon Rd,
Malaga WA 6090
Phone: 0426 656 424