With a dabble of expression and emotions, THE PEEPAL TREE is all set to en-route to your soul with their music . Live at ibis , Bangalore

ibis has announced ibis Music, partnering with Sony Music to bring the best of local bands and new talents and perform at ibis properties. The global partnership involves hosting multiple live gigs across 17 countries, promoting ibis and passion for music.

Featuring a host of artists across genres in seven ibis hotels across India, ibis Music aims to connect with travellers and local residents using music as the core strategy. The program will provide a platform to new and upcoming artists to showcase their talent and extend a quirky space to music lovers or travellers who enjoy sitting in a relaxed, uplifting atmosphere with some great tunes. We have already concluded four gigs in Gurgaon, Pune, Navi Mumbai and Kolkata.The people tree music and Their music can be described as Indian melodies sitting on funk grooves with overtones of electronica and sung in Indian languages. This combination of elements makes for a very interesting new sound.

The Peepal Tree

9th August 2019/8:00 pm onwards
Live at ibis Bengaluru Outer Ring Road