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Online taxi booking business is one of the most successful businesses in both revenue-based & growth based on the market. When you talk about taxi booking apps, many will think about Uber/Lyft/Careem. These multi-dollar companies are well known around the world.

Many entrepreneurs and startups want to start a taxi booking business with software like Uber Clone script ( Because Uber has its reputation as top taxi booking app in the market. They keep on introducing new features to improve user experience to its audience. Here is a review of one of the best Uber Clone scripts.

About Trioangle:

Trioangle is well known for its mobile app as well as website development. They started their journey in 2011 and they keep on improving over the years. They provide top clone scripts like Uber Clone to their clients.

Why You Should Choose Gofer for your business?

Gofer is a top Uber Clone script in the market. It is quite flexible and it easy to customize to various client needs. To further break up, here are ideal features of gofer that makes it a top Uber Clone in the industry.

Fleet Management: Fleet management system is a feature that enhances the performance of the driver and vehicle. It helps uber partner/vehicle owner to manage their vehicle as well as drivers with ease.

Surge Pricing: The surge pricing is nothing but increases in trip price with proportional to demand trips.

Geo-Fencing: As the admin of the portal doesn”t want trips from a certain location like crime-prone area, natural disaster and so on. The geofencing feature helps admins to mark red zones to avoid trips in certain areas.

In-App Chat: Connectivity is a key point in taxi booking business. As calls may not connect in certain times due to network problems. In-app, chat helps the user to connect with the driver with ease.

SOS: The SOS/Emergency button helps the user to contact police, emergency number and three of his contacts during an emergency.

Heatmap: A heatmap is a feature for admin & driver which helps them to find out where most of the trips came from.

Admin Roles & Management: As it is difficult to manage the whole portal, the admin can give access to certain features to his employees. The sub-admins doesn”t have access to the security details of the portal.

How is it different from its competitors?

It is important to know a software feature by feature and it requires some customization and enhancement for customers to utilize it. They continued working on new features to keep the Uber Clone script update. There is no paid addons in Gofer as Triangle offers all the key features free. Thus, there will be no more extra charges more than packages of the clients. They provide a separate team to their clients to support with their queries.

With a lot of technical skills and experience in the hand, Trioangle offers Gofer – Uber Clone App ( a complete package that helps clients to start their own business.

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