Parents usually want their kids to start their days with a healthy and happy meal which is both delicious and nutritious since breakfast is the most vital meal of the day. This is why parents look for a nutrition specialist to know what they should serve their kids in the morning and ask the specialist to share general guidelines and recipes for kids as well.

Foodrik is one such platform which is backed by nutritionists, doctors, yoga experts, Ayurveda experts, and teachers from India and abroad.

Things that are offered by Foodrik

You can consider Foodrik as a companion or partner in your parenting journey since Foodrik offers you:

1. Some unique and appropriate articles written by different Foodrik experts.
2. An exclusive diet plan for you and your kids, which include seasonal, local, and traditional healthy foods.
3. A weekly list of shopping for all your selected healthy food items.
4. An easy to use guide to abstain from junk and processed foods in salt, fat, and sugar.
5. Simple, delicious, and nutritious recipes for kids, snacks, and tiffin ideas, which the team of Foodrik experts has obtained from various parts of India.

In a nutshell, Foodrik is a reliable platform where lots of food facts, solutions and information are shared for parents with kids who want their kids to develop properly, stay healthy, have a sharp brain, and avoid behavioral issues, sugar, and excess weight.

Availability of healthy recipes for kids

In case you don’t have enough time, your dinner should not be a battle against the taste buds and the clock. Foodrik’s healthy recipes for kids can offer you a nutritious dinner which your kids will love on the table in less than 30 minutes. Whether it’s their favorite food items like cheese, macaroni, pizza, or fish sticks, you will find the healthy versions of every dish your kid love at this platform. The most important part is that even adults will also enjoy these exceptionally creative recipes along with kids.

To check out such recipe ideas for your kids, you need to register yourself with Foodrik. After completion of the signup process, you will get your Foodrik ID and can choose a password. You need to log in to see your Good Bag list where you can find the list of recipe ideas for your kid. In addition to this, there is a section named ‘Good Cooks’ on their website, where you will find a daily planner of food items which are convenient, easy and quick kid-friendly recipes for parents. Two types of lists are available including Healthy Meals and Healthy Snacks. Each and every ingredient is mentioned for every recipe, which will help you make the food within a mentioned time.’

Relevant articles are shared by Foodrik experts

Apart from some handy tips and food facts offered by Foodrik experts, you will also find a lot of relevant articles provided by these experts. These articles are all about nutrition, health, and wellbeing for you and your family. On top of that, there are some articles discussing some yoga and Ayurveda tips as well to maintain your body and shed excess weight alongside maintaining your diet planner. Also, there are some articles related to food facts and benefits of having different seasonal fruits and local food items.