From various Solar Solutions, off-grid solar system is a solid power supply which covers your complete electricity demand and cut your electric bill to the half. Batteries mounted on the top of solar panels stores the solar energy which later used to produce electricity and use when other electricity utilities not in work.

Solar solutions is recognised Solar PV Installers provide a complete solar systems package from micro hydro turbines, photovoltaic panels, and windmills to inverters, chargers, generators and battery banks. If you are living in rural or remote area where the electricity is not available and or very expensive, then you should buy best off-grid solar system from Solar Solutions at a budget-friendly cost.

Off Grid Solar Systems are best stand-alone power system. You can install these systems at industries to run heavy machineries, farm as milking shed solar, remote water pumping, fencing and lighting and more.

At Solar Solutions, all equipment manufactured by professional team ensures stable, reliable, and extended power regardless of any expensive investment. With their expert knowledge & experience, they can also make an alternative energy system as per customers requirement. You can find more ranges of off grid solar systems and given packages with off-grid battery storage.

Off grid Solar PV Installation offered by them can be enlarged at any time on a modular basis. These solar systems are highly equipped with a combination of tangible energy sources such as wind, water, and solar energy that will help you to reduce electricity cost.

Solar products offered by Solar Solutions such as Eagle Black Panel, Electric Vehicle home Charger, Grid Tie 3kW Solar Power System, Renewable Energy Management System, Solar Power Reducer and more are demanding in market of New Zealand.

You can adapt solar power setup for domestic and commercial purposes. Both of solar systems are cost effective and durable. Their certified team will customise an entire system to your specific application.

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