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DrGeek is the most trusted and widely known iPhone repair shop in Singapore. They are offering a new variation at the iPhone screen repair cost for iPhone users throughout the year. This highly rigorous online iPhone repair shop is now ready to serve their customers at a lower cost at Bugis and Rochor with their certified technicians.

To grab iPhone users attention DrGeek has arranged a hassle-free online claims service. Like a warranty, they are serving with no hidden fees and 30 days free trial. They designed a series of packages that cover every tech needs and repair smartphone, laptop, iPad, iPhone, Macbook, and tablets through multistep checks to ensure both side that other hardware also working.

With more than 160,000 units served CEO Mr Tan Said, “We constantly evaluate our prices to ensure that customers always get a deal that would be considered value for money. We will uphold the highest standards of integrity and to deliver on our commitments within a short realistic deadline to ensure efficient and prompt customer service.”

Customer Carlota Groot reviewed as, “I must say the attention and service you get at the Laptop General Hospital outlet in Funnan is simply outstanding. I found myself surrounded by really helpful staffs who did everything they could to repair Mac Pro and use my warranty coverage. When I first got there I knew they were going to help me. They also called me a few times during the week to update me on every move. I am sure my Mac wouldn’t be alive today if it wasn’t because of their experts who agreed on inspecting the Mac right after the incident. Thank you so much for all you have done. I will surely come back if I ever need to.”

About DrGeek: DrGeek is a sister-concern of formerly branded “Laptop General Hospital”, Digital Hospital is the trade-in vendor and repairer headquartered in Singapore. Digital Hospital is an ISO 9001:2015 quality management certified company.