Cryotos streamline the work and increase your revenue with AI-driven Preventive Maintenance and Asset Management Software. Schedule a free demo with CMMS software solutions on Facility & Field Service Management!

Cryotos empowers service and maintenance professionals in the areas of asset, field service and facility management with state of the art software and analytics product, to help them take on their day to day activities with ease. We improve each and every step of the maintenance professionals’ journey. Starting from reactive maintenance, creating work-orders and scheduling preventive maintenance, we help maintenance professionals in providing delightful customer experience.

With our separate client portal, our customers can reach out to the issues of their clients immediately. Once the tickets gets raised, our workflow engine kicks in, and helps in automation of workflow starting from safety checks of field technicians to approvals of the finance department for spare parts. Technicians and field engineers can also add comments and additional details which help in building their knowledge base about the asset.

Concurrently our AI-Driven Analytics engine works in tantrum to help the field technician solve the issue faster and better by looking for similar issues in the knowledge base and coming up with relevant suggestions. Our analytics engine also analyzes the IOT data from assets and helps in prediction of downtime of assets beforehand and our partnership with HONEYWELL and SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC also helps the cause. Our dashboard and reporting tool also helps you get a birds-eye view of your operations and helps our customers make critical decisions.

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Service and Maintenance professionals are the ones who toil day in and out, to build a world that always works. But they still rely on pen and paper to do their day to day operations, which results in lot of inefficiencies.

Overall, Cryotos makes the service industry tech savvy and tremendously improves the efficiency.