Lausanne, VD, Switzerland–Smart Cuts Video & Animation is launching a new integrated communications service. This will cover internal and external communications, marketing, and, importantly, the various media used to deliver these services.

We all know about digital convergence. An in-depth study by Weber Shandwick (Convergence Ahead: The Integration of Communications and Marketing) five years ago already showed that marketing and communications – traditionally disparate functions –were becoming increasingly pushed under the safe roof. In fact, since 2014, the number of positions encompassing both marketing and communications duties have grown steadily, according to the International Association of Business Communicators.

What is new is the integration of video production and other specialized skills in the package. Services such as animation and graphic design also used to be outsourced by creative agencies (Creative agency in Geneva) and communications agencies, but thanks to the fast development of technology in these fields, its become easier for such companies to provide the services themselves, thereby avoiding a loss in margins, but also in control over quality and contact with the end client.

Another advantage of integrating such services is efficiency. Lucas Chambers, Director of Smart Cuts, a creative agency based in Lausanne and Geneva Switzerland says this applies at both ends: “It’s not just more efficient for us, who provide communications services encompassing everything from marketing to creative communications, but it’s also more efficient for the client, who gets tighter, faster service at a fraction of the price.”

Indeed outsourcing has always meant extra margins, and being able to deliver a turnkey service is a question of cost-efficiency, as much as it is one of time-savings. “That’s why Smart Cuts Video & Animation is headed toward becoming Smart Cuts ICS, the latter abbreviation standing for Integrated Communications Services (Communication agency in Lausanne), “ says Chambers. “Video production in Lausanne, Smart Cuts must adapt to the changing media landscape, and that means moving out of just video and animation production to a more holistic customer service. In any case, we’ve always been including marketing and communications advice in our work, just not explicitly. It’s time to come out of the closet, so to speak.”

Virtual reality, augmented reality, interactive video, motion graphics, graphic design – all these and more are nowadays part and parcel of every communications and marketing campaign. What used to be handled by 5-10 different companies is increasingly coming under one fold. For Lucas Chambers, that fold in Switzerland will be lead by Smart Cuts ICS.

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