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Cove River Ranch is one of the commercial, separately owned & operated Utah Private Fish Hatcheries. Their objective is to grow and export fresh and live trout to private fishing clubs, private pool and lake owners, as well as other agencies across the state.

Rainbow Trout delivered by Cove River Ranch in natural springs stand their product above the rest. The waters maintain 52-degrees Fahrenheit temperature year-round naturally.
As a fishery expert and decade trout supplier, they know that rainbow trout prosper faster in cold water.

Primary goal of this firm is to grow the most healthy, beautiful, and natural, trout for their customers in cold water. With this single focus they are one of the best suppliers know for top quality fish and trout at affordable prices. Their smart working strategies offer tested and disease-free product to customers to heighten their fishery for long years of enjoyment.

Services offered by Cove River Ranch include stocking of fish to private lakes, fishing clubs, Homeowners Associations, ponds and rivers, Private or public ranches etc.

About Cove River Ranch
It is one of the reputed Utah Private Fish Hatcheries working passionately since 1910. Their non-stop hard work, they have successfully oversees and maintains their own hatchery, raceways, grow out many lakes and river to ensure the premium quality trout available. The ranch is royally producing more than 100,000 pounds trout yearly.

Happy and satisfied customers of Cove River Ranch appreciate their services with such complimentary words –
“We buy tens of thousands of pounds of fish every year from Cove River Ranch and couldn’t be happier with the quality and consistency of the fish we get. Our members love the beautiful, natural fish from Cove River Ranch!” – Tony Garcia,Fin and Feather Club, Lancaster, CA.
Buy best quality and variety fish or eggs for you fish hatcheries from Utah Fish Stocking place Visit at You can also contact them to book their private hatcheries for cultivation, call on 833-278-7688 (833-CRTROUT) or send an email at

Address – 202 N. West Haven Lane, Richfield, Utah 84701