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Colorful Cloth Diapers
The colors of the rainbow have entered the world of cloth diapering. While some people enjoy white cloth diapers, colors have given parents the ability to choose their child’s favorite color or a color that will color coordinate with clothing. Not only has the rainbow made its way into cloth diapering, but modern patterns and bright prints are available.
Fuzzi Bunz is a popular cloth diaper brand. Fuzzi Bunz are pocket diapers that feature stay dry material against your baby’s skin and waterproof outer material. That waterproof outer material comes in a rainbow of colors. In addition to white, Fuzzi Bunz come in aqua, blue, bubblegum pink, butter, apple green, lavender, pink, periwinkle, red, sage, baby blue, tangerine, yellow, and turquoise. They offer a color for most anyone.