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Are you looking for a marking machine? Then you are at exact place check out our buyer’s guide to the best marking systems.

1) Heatsign’s Laser Marking Machine: This laser marking machine is designed by keeping dynamic industrial environments in mind. It is easy to use, even for users with smallest training in laser technology. This machine emits light throughout a practice of optical amplification that is based on the stimulated emission of electromagnetic radiation.
With a commitment to provide the most value to the customers HeatSign ensure that this machine comes with the features:

2) Heatsign’s Fiber Laser Marking Machine:
Heatsign’s Fiber Laser Marking Machine is good and flexible laser systems available for commercial and industrial use. It is available in five different models that are:
• Desktop Fiber Laser Marking Machine (HS-FL10)
• Standalone 20W Fiber Laser Etching Machine (HS-FL20)
• Desktop Enclosure 30W Fiber Laser Engraving Machine (HS-FL30)
• 50W Deep Metal Laser Engraver(HS-FL50)
• Portable Fiber Laser Engraver(HS-PFL20)

Up mention Fiber laser marking systems use advanced Fiber pumping technology. The markers use bundled optic Fiber and a rare-earth element, Ytterbium, to boost their conductivity. The Diodes produce light, pumping it throughout the Fiber rays to the optical heads. Then, the beam enlarges in the optical head and creates a marking on the surface. All these are available with various power outputs, including 10W, 20W, 30W, 50W, and 60W. So, there is a a variety of customizable options and accessories available to make your marking process simpler and more efficient that make it one of the best options available to buy.
It can work on different types of ceramics and plastics as well as metals
No harsh chemicals are used for marking

3) HeatSign Galvo CO2 Laser marking machines:
There are two models are available of this machine:
• HS-CL20: All the components of HS-CL20 are sourced from high-quality Chinese brands. The air cooling system eliminates the need for maintenance. Due to its compact design, the device is very easy to use. It is also very cost effective.
• HS-CL30: This model uses unique imported USA Coherent laser sources. Thus, they are extremely durable and stable. With a 3D galvanometer, the machine delivers large-area dynamic CO2 laser markings.

Industries in which it can be used are
Advertisement Industry
Furniture Industry
Craft Industry
Leather Industry
Packaging Industry
Label Industry
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