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May 29 2012 Chicago based motor and car dealer Adam Loeber and Mary Loeber, are dedicated pillars of the local community. Although he doesn’t quote “do” community service and fundraising for recognition, his friends and family still show their appreciation for his service. He has received numerous awards and recognition as a direct result of this service.

Adam is a regular participant in annual charity fundraisers such as Relay For Life. He’s also regularly the top earner and contributor, year after year. Adam has a knack for driving up community spirit and always helps his fellow fundraisers meet their own goals by donating directly to his colleagues, rather than his own cup. His local Kiwanis club singled him out as an honorary member, because of how much time he volunteers and donations of jewelry.

Adam’s generosity has earned him wider community recognition beyond his friends and family. He has appeared several times in featured sections of local newspapers, highlighting his accomplishments and community service. After a gold record-breaking canned food drive his new and used car dealer ran, he was interviewed by local news reporters for a special spotlight on the evening news.

Adam’s car dealership recognizes his contributions to the broader community and has celebrated his achievements as well. It’s his employees who volunteer to celebrate his awards and community accomplishments, rather than his decision – even though it’s his company. They even arranged an award ceremony on his behalf, after a school supply drive he organized and contributed heavily to in 2008. Adam’s brother Richard Loeber from Tulsa and his colleagues recognize him as more than just a Porsche car dealer, and instead appreciate him as a leader as well. For more visit