The concept of the avant-garde is relatively a new one. Watchmaking, on the other hand, is an art form that dates to the 16th century. Today, this art is considered to be of the highest kind with one of the most reputed artists involved in it. The terms ‘artists’ here is a flexible one. It does not restrict the definition to just craftsmen, but architects, designers, painters, and whatnot. One such brand that fits this picture perfectly is Hublot. The Swiss watchmaker is perhaps the aptest representation of the modern-day flag bearer of the concept of the avant-garde.

Beginning A New Era – Hublot Luxury Watches

A Surprising Journey

Hublot watches started off in 1980 when the brand launched its first watch at the Baselworld. The timepiece was made of gold and had rubber straps. Although the rubber in the watch was special and it took almost four years to develop that material, the watch was the first of its kind. The following year, Hublot made a revenue of about USD 2 million and along with it came a massive following. The watchmaker lost its edge somewhere down the line and around the year 2003, the brand was losing money every year. Doom seemed inevitable if it was not for Jean Claude Biver. The man took over the helm of Hublot and took it to heights people could only imagine.

Hublot Today

Today, the Haute Horlogerie giant is literally booming with new watches every year. The most prominent of them all is, of course, the Hublot Big Bang. This is the timepiece that changed everything for the horology icon and brought it back to the game. In 2005, Jean Claude Biver introduced the world to the Hublot Big Bang, a watch that materialized the art of fusion into a reality. The release was a big hit, one that revolutionized the watchmaking realm. With the Big Bang, came an era that favoured the use of unorthodox materials in luxury watchmaking.
The idea behind the watches from Hublot like the Hublot Classic Fusion is to induce avant-garde ideas into mainstream watchmaking. Any seasoned watch enthusiast will tell you that the industry would not have been very kind to daredevils like Hublot had this watch had been released a few years ago. However, 2005 was the perfect year as history tells us. That being said, Hublot has successfully cemented its position in Haute Horlogerie with some fine references that beautifully encompass the concept of avant-garde watches.

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